About The Agency

“By working together we can achieve much more. That’s why I set up The Agency, to deliver something no agency has ever delivered for me – true partnership.”

– Simon Kingsnorth, CEO

Established to do more for you

The Agency was set up in 2019 by Simon Kingsnorth, global marketing expert and best-selling author.

Why? Because there are no agencies like this.

There are agencies that are good at delivering performance. Those that are strong at delivering strategies that work. And some that can give you excellent creative options. But none who can do all of this to a high standard, at a genuinely cost-effective price and who demonstrate an authentic drive to be a partner and deliver the best possible outcome for you.

The Agency is focussed on doing just this. We want to understand you and show you how passionate we are about delivering your results. We will do that at a reasonable price. We will be honest if we think we can’t do something. And we will do all of this with a smile.

So if you’re looking for an agency that can and will do this. Who delivers and works in a way you’ve never seen before, then get in touch for an informal chat to find out more.

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